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Naturally Growing Better

In 2005 Peri & Sons Farms began growing and marketing organic white, yellow, red and sweet onions. Packed with flavor and nutritional value, our organic onions also provide peace–of–mind in knowing they are domestically grown with strict adherence to the National Organic Program standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Download Organic Certification >>

We uphold these standards for the welfare of our customers who are concerned about keeping themselves and their families away from the harmful toxins often associated with onions from mega–scale commercial farms or onions imported from off–shore sources.

Anyone who has ever eaten a fresh–from–the–garden tomato or a tree–ripened peach is aware of how much better food tastes when it’s grown and harvested naturally. Clean water, nutrient–rich soil, fresh air and ample time to grow and mature under sunny skies all contribute to making our organic onions naturally beautiful and delicious. No synthetic pesticides or herbicides are ever used on our organics.

Knowing how your produce is grown is important. Knowing where your produce is grown is equally important.

Unfortunately, due to the industrialization of farming and the significant increase in imported foreign–farmed produce it’s difficult for consumers to know where their produce comes from. Fortunately you can trust that every Peri & Sons Farms’ onion is grown on our farms right here in the U.S.

Support for healthy farming practices is growing and grocery stores are offering more diverse selections of healthful produce than ever before. Find out where you can buy our Peri & Sons organics by clicking here, or tell us where you shop and we’ll see if we can get your local produce manager to carry our organics for you.